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January 2017

DIY Paper Mat

It doesn't take much-- a bit of paper is all you need to watch the rich universe of origami unfurl (or crease!) before you.


Sherlock Black lotus origami.

Diy project and deco ideas for the Sherlockian...

Candle lamp DIY

Put the old glass/mason jars to a good use and make a candle lamp.

DIY Paper Vase

It won't break if it falls, good use of your old paper plus it's a nice decor!

DIY Warli painting wallpiece

By Devashree Gharkar Warli is a tribal art originated in Maharashtra where it is still practiced today. This is how you can make your own tribal art wall piece. Materials Needed: Newspaper Tissue paper Paint Sponge Glue Rope Instructions: Make... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Wand diy…

In this post I will show you how to make your very own wand using items you find around you.

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