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January 2017

DIY Paper Mat

It doesn't take much-- a bit of paper is all you need to watch the rich universe of origami unfurl (or crease!) before you. By Jyotsna Shenoy MATERIALS REQUIRED: Chart or calendar paper Scissors Ruler Pen/Marker PROCEDURE: STEP 1: Cut... Continue Reading →

Sherlock Black lotus origami.

Diy project and deco ideas for the Sherlockian...

Candle lamp DIY

Put the old glass/mason jars to a good use and make a candle lamp.

DIY Paper Vase

It won’t break if it falls, good use of your old paper plus it’s a nice decor ! By Jyotsna Shenoy MATERIALS REQUIRED: Thick chart or  old calendar paper Pencil/Marker Scale Scissors Glue PROCEDURE: STEP 1: Take a thick sheet... Continue Reading →

DIY Warli painting wallpiece

By Devashree Gharkar Warli is a tribal art originated in Maharashtra where it is still practiced today. This is how you can make your own tribal art wall piece. Materials Needed: Newspaper Tissue paper Paint Sponge Glue Rope Instructions: Make... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Wand diy…

In this post I will show you how to make your very own wand using items you find around you.

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