By: Devashree Gharkar

You can carry your spectacles or your makeup or use it as a gift box.


  • Cylindrical can
  • Elastic
  • Cutter
  • Cardboard
  • Buttons
  • 2 sheets of Paper(different colours)
  • Fevicol
  • Decorations (lace, beads, etc..)



  1. Cut the cylindrical box from the bottom and top of your desired height. 

  2. Then draw a vertical line and cut along this line so that it becomes the opening of your box. 


  3. Using the bottom of the cylinder draw two circles on to cardboard and cut them. Similarly make 4 such circle cutouts and stick two on each back and front on the circular cardboard. 

  4. Now take a rectangular piece of paper and stick it on to the cylinder. Fold in the excess paper and stick it on the inside of the box. 

(this may get a little messy and will take time. So do this carefully and patiently.)

Set this aside to dry .


  1. Now stick the circular cardboard on the sides of the cardboard  BE CAREFUL that you only stick half of the circumference on the bottom part of your box so that you can still open the box. 

  2. Cut a long piece of elastic ( it will be good to use a thicker elastic as it will last long but you can use a thin elastic like this one)
  3. Once the cylinder is dry make two holes on the top and bottom edge opening of the cylinder.
  4. Put the elastic through the bottom opening and tie a knot. Put a little glue on the back side of the knot so that it stick to the cardboard and doesn’t come off. 

  5. Take button and using another elastic string it together. then put the ends of this elastic through the hole on the upper opening and again tie a knot and add a little glue just like we did in the previous process. 

  6. The basic structure of you box is now ready
  7. You can now decorate it anything that you want like lace, sticky beads like the ones that have been used here. 

  8. And that’s it. Your box is ready! You can use it as a gift box or as your own spectacles box or as a purse.