By Devashree
Your mind is a garden your🌸

Your thoughts seeds🌰

You can grow flowers🌺

Or you can grow weeds.🌱
Requirements :

🌸1)Sponge ball

🌸2)Fish line

🌸3)Coloured  Paper

🌸4) Pins

🌸5) Scissors

🌸6) Needles
Instructions :

🌹1)Use the needle as shown in the picture to make a handle for the ball.

🌹2)Take a square piece of paper and fold it into a triangle and fold it again in half.

🌹3)Draw the petals on the price of coloured paper.

🌹4)Cut out the outline of the petals and unfold the paper to get the flower.

🌹5) Make several flowers using different coloured paper.

🌹6)Using the pins pin the flower to the ball.

And thats how the end product looks

Hang these  balls of  floral awesomeness and your done 💐