By Glinis Braganza Crasto


1) Cardboard paper 50 × 30 cms

2)  tissue papers.

3) block of thermocole 4 × ( measurements: 5 x 4 x 3 )

4) gift wrap (preferably bright metallic red)

5) bells ×4

6) small Christmas ornaments ×3


8) red paint

9) ribbon of 1 meter.

10) A roll of cotton wool

STEP 1: Cut a cut out of a large number 6  by first drawing out the outiline of the number with a pencil on the cardboard, and then cutting it out.

STEP 2: Stick the tissue papers to the cardboard covering the card board completely. Use glue for this .

STEP 3: Lets make candy cane .

Using a paper cutter , cut the thermocole into lower case letter ‘l’ . Then using red paint ,paint diagonal lines which are equally spaced.
STEP 4 : To make the gift.

Take a rectangular piece of thermocole and cut it in the dimensions 3×4×5 come

The wrap the block in gift wrap and tie it in a bow with a ribbon.

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STEP 5 : To make the final piece , take the number 6 and stick all the Christmas ornaments on it spacing them alternatively.

STEP 6: The final step.

Take cotton wool and stick it in the areas of tissue which are exposed.