By Devashree GharkarπŸŒŸπŸ’œ


  • Wire
  • M-seal
  • Pearls/decorations
  • Base (pot)
  • Paint
  • Piler
  • Pencil


  1. Take the pencil, piler and wire and wrap the wire around the pencil. Use the piler to hold pencil and wire together and then wrap it around.IMG20180104200225.jpg
  2. Make several such loops.
  3. Next arrange these loops around the pencil.IMG20180104203635.jpg
  4. Take m-seal, stick it at the end of your pot and stick your pencil onto it.IMG20180104203651.jpgIMG_20180107_202125.jpg
  5. You can use the extra m-seal to decorate the pencil.
  6. Let it dry.
  7. Once the m-seal has dried, proceed to paint you pot and the plant of pencil+wire.IMG_20180107_202107.jpg
  8. Fill the pot with styrofoamballs or tiny pebbles as per availability.
  9. Once the paint has dried off you can decorate it as per wish.
  10. And that’s it. Your earring stand is ready!IMG20180107201212.jpg