Easy craft for kids


Square piece of paper 7 cms 


STEP 1: Cut a square peice of paper

STEP 2: Fold it in half along the diagonal of the square, the base of the isoceles triangle should be facing away from you.

STEP 3: Take the 2 edges and fold it to the centre.

STEP 4 : Open the fold and you will see a crease which this fold has made . Using this crease as a reference to divide the triangle into half , fold one half behind the face and one in front of the face.

STEP 5 : Repeat it on the other side .

STEP 6 : Take the tip of the ear and fold it inside to the amount you desire.

STEP 7 : Repeat it with the other ear.

STEP 8 : Take the front flap and fold it to the desired amount to form the nose.