DJS Robocon after a successful participation at the national level ABU Robocon 2018 representing DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering set up a benchmark with an exceptional performance. The team satisfactorily completed all the fundamental challenges in the rounds of the matches setting up a pinnacle and breaking all records ever created by the institution at the competition level.


Here is an excerpt from the competition:

ABU ROBOCON is a competition where teams with a technical background compete to build robots & accomplish a goal within a set period of time. A problem statement is declared every year which will provide all details of the game in an augmented reality form after which subsequently a detailed rulebook and a list of FAQs are also put which the teams have to adhere to. Participating teams are expected to design and fabricate their own robots and organize their teams according to the tasks assigned. The contest permits teams to represent their college at a national level where the teams will encounter successive rounds of challenges. Around 120 teams participate at the national level every year and the winning team gets a chance to represent their country at the international level.

This year the concept and theme of ABU ROBOCON 2018 is based on an interesting traditional folk game called “Shuttlecock throwing”. The contest theme is “NÉM CÒN : The Festival Wishing Happiness and Prosperity”. The objective of the theme is to make a bot to traverse along a line while carrying a prop- the shuttle and pass it to another bot which will launch the shuttlecock through a ring along multiple throwing zones after which the team would score points on fruition. The time given to the teams to achieve this is 3 minutes. The prime strategy of the game is to land the second bot on the last throwing zone and launch the prop through the final golden ring while simultaneously landing it in a golden cup using a particular trajectory. This final touchdown is popularly termed as “Rong Bay” which would result at the end of the match before the conventional given time.


The main requirements to achieve this goal was to construct two robots: a manual robot inbuilt with a calibrated line following application which would fetch the shuttlecocks from a loading zone, and an autonomous robot; which would receive the shuttlecock and launch the same along a trajectory.

ABU ROBOCON 2018 organized by Doordarshan and MIT Academy of Engineering was held in Balewadi stadium, Pune from 27th February to 3rd March 2018.

An insight of the team’s day-to-day activities and experience:

27th and 28th February 2018 (Day 1 and 2):

The teams had to conduct all practice sessions on a Practice arena/game field, an imitation of the main arena which was being set up at the Balewadi stadium simultaneously for the day of the main matches which would be conducted shortly. Prior to that, all teams were assigned individual pits at the same avenue where the robots could be assembled and/or reconstructed and exhibited after completion. The teams could get multiple chances to access the practice arena based on the time slots on a first-come-first-serve basis on a queueing system.

Below is the link of the practice video!


1st, 2nd, 3rd March 2018 (Day 1, 2 and 3):

In the initial rounds, the teams had to combat in one-on-one matches that were arranged on fixed time slots that were assigned to every team by the organizers. The teams could simultaneously conduct their matches on the practice arena prior to the main matches to test their mettle before setting foot in the main combat zone. After every elimination round, there was a minute change made for a successful match completion to test the conduct and outlook of the teams at every angle.


Team DJS Robocon clinched the 44th spot out of a total 107 teams at the national level. Setting a pedestal with remarkable flair, the team aspires to continue the legacy forward with the same dedication and determination.