Greetings Folks! 😍😍☺

I would like to thank Zankhana Goyal for nominating me for this award. Do check out her blog, she has proven her versatility with her vivid styles of persuasive and narrative writing, all at just sweet 16! ❤ ❤ Giving justice to this title, it allows me a fresh change to go about a bit freestyle. So here goes…

IMG-20180603-WA00511. About the blog

That’s Anriel, Devashree and me (left to right). We met up recently in Mumbai after ages; a short and sweet reunion. Yes, we may pin our locations miles apart on the map but when we all find ourselves meeting at a junction from different crossroads, nothing else could ever compare! We started off with this collaboration in January ’17. It’s like the tale of two cities with the two of us settled in Mumbai and the other in Goa. For the three of us, we all have strong connections with both the cities but with different stories etched in our Midori diaries. I myself was born and brought up in Goa until I relocated to Mumbai 3 years ago. Working on this blog was one of the best ways to show off the similarities we had and somehow this way I stay well connected with the peeps! ❤ ❤

2. Bibliophile


Ok, I have to admit I am a book nerd! So much so that it stays strong as the opening line of my biodata! A Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones), Harry Potter series and the Secret Garden are what I consider timeless and will always be on the pedestal of my list. I can keep conversations flowing with my Goodreads and my great bucket list, but I will stop myself right here. Period. 😂😛 (P.S. I am currently reading ‘Go Set A Watchman’ by Harper Lee, the sequel to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’).

3. My Fandom World



Most of my inspirations are evoked from the shows that I watch. I stick to the TV shows where I can relate to one or more of the characters. Somewhere between being the nerdy bookish Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, to the shy and reserved Jenna Hamilton from Awkward, to the ambitious Arya Stark from GoT; I strike a chord with them all somewhere down the line!


4. I am an introvert, a linguist, and a grammar nazi! Maybe on my way to being an ambivert but still getting there. 😂🙊😅 I put most of my words into writing than using it in vocal conversations. I find solace in haiku, calligrams, ballads, and sonnets.

5. Anime


Ok, maybe I should have put this up under my fandom section, but I simply love anime. It’s a different world to me. Yet again I find comfort with the shows where I can share compatibility with most of the characters. Again, I have a big impending list here. Currently browsing through Manga for Tokyo Ghoul and early episodes of Code Geass! My top favourites are Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)  Doremi Harukaze (Ojamajo Doremi) and Naomi Misora (Death Note); girl power shines through most of the popular shows. 👌👑


6. Nostalgia

I appreciate creativity in all forms; especially if it evokes a good memory. A shoutout to all my school friends who sent me this. Eshani Borkar, Sybil Pereira, Trisha Lopes you guys will be remembered. ❤😘


I have an eye for detail and I like to give it my all when I am investing my time in any work. This is probably the most creative thought out assignment in school and my reason for preserving the same is because how beautifully my French teacher (Tr. Andrea Cunha) signed it off!  ❤😘 ❤😘




7.  Wanderlust 

I might seem like a couch potato here with my endless list of books, TV shows and anime, but I love the outside world just as I love being indoorsy. I love to travel and I also love food. So much is my love for gastronomy, I can binge over food and over several seasons of Masterchef both at the same time!🤣🤣🤣

That’s it from my side, folks! Time to pass on the baton…

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