Hey guys! Happy new year!

2019 has started off with the Kala Ghoda art festival held every year in South Mumbai.

Kala Ghoda is a crescent-shaped art district in South Mumbai. It has a large number of the city’s heritage buildings and is full of museums, art galleries.

One of the events and a tourist attraction during this time of the year is the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.
Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is an art/craft festival held every year in the month of February from the first Saturday of the month till the next Sunday. This year I had an opportunity to revisit the festival after 3 years.

Going back after so many years, I had high expectations and it did meet up to a certain mark. The event showcases life-size sculptures, participation exhibits where people can write their stories or leave their mark.

There where some really interesting and attractive sculptures. Here are the clicks.


The exhibit above and below is by Pearl Academy where visitors could come and write their piece of story. For example: Pehla Pyaar (first love), Solemnly Swear, Me and Mine and many more

Another interesting thing this year is the foot massages offered by the the students of The Victoria Memorial School For the Blind

And the Laal gaadi. 🤩

Even if the Festival is an all day event it is recommended to go in the evening as it creates a great vibe.

Other than the art festival- dance and music events are also curated in the other venues. In all the Kala Ghoda Festival is a treat for all enjoying art, music, dance. 🙂

Here’s our link to the last year’s event in case you missed that https://artpsychoblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/12/journal-entry-1-kala-ghoda-arts-festival/