Hey guys! This is another simple experiment to control a Neo LED blinking strip to blink in different colours with an appropriate delay. The simulation is carried on TinkerCAD, an online simulator where you can carry out experiments without the need of physical devices.

All you need for this experiment is: An Arduino board, a Neo LED strip of any dimension as per choice, a push button switch, a resistor and wires. Connect the circuit as shown above using the drag and drop feature from the component list and make connections seamlessly by a click-drag and connect operation.

To control the blinking of the Neo LED strip, a simple code has to be fed into the controller, by writing some code in the Code section. The code that I have written is to enable blinking of each of the internal LED’s serially in different colours. (To avail the code for this specific experiment, you can contact me here: artpsychoblog3@gmail.com or feel free to drop in a word on the contacts page!).

Thank you! 🙂