After nearly a year, I had the absolute guts to annoy my good ol’ friend for a second collaboration after our first one last year which came out to be an absolute success! Thank you once again Rushabh Shah for your efforts (and thanks for letting me make the necessary compilations!) and I hope you give me the privilege to annoy you sometime again! Catch this Otaku kid on Instagram and Twitter! 😈 


My review on Shangri-La! 

I would like to declare that you won’t get the story or the genre from our reviews because you can get them anywhere online. Here I have put down my views with an intention to discuss how good the material is and whether one should invest time consuming it. For the summary of it and the genre, one can check  

Main review: The reason to have selected this anime is because of its wonderful and outstanding ideas. This anime gets in a set of new perspectives.  

This anime may be considered mediocre but underrated. For comparison, the previous review on Kaiji was in the highly underrated category. Shangri-La as an anime had unlimited potential, but alas it could not pull through. The theme is very common in a post-apocalyptic world BUT the portrayal of the theme is completely different, unique, and brilliant! The theme setting of this anime is simply genius. Why do I say this is because commonly in the themes, a post-apocalyptic world shows lesser signs of life, deserts all around, no water resources, etc. This is seen in most of the movies with a special mention of Mad Max: Fury Road. In this anime, the reaction is completely different. This is where the genius comes, a totally different scenario brilliantly showing how the earth is adapting and changing!  

The plot of this show is set in the mid 21st century. Deforestation has ruined the environment. A new phenomenon of rain bombing is seen. Where instead of rain, huge blocks of ice fall. This could be one way the earth has shown to have adapted trying to create a balance between freshwater and saltwater. The plants, the forests have also shown to have adapted against human existence; their growth rate, size, and pollination techniques have undergone drastic changes. To control the carbon dioxide levels and increase the oxygen levels, governments sure have taken measures this time around, like massive afforestation incentives, where entire cities have been turned to forests, unlike the other series and movies. 

Due to excessive fossil fuel burning, the pollution levels and the amount of carbon dioxide have shot up, graphite and charcoal have become the new gold. The world shifts towards a carbon economy. The carbon credits system that we have now becomes the stock market. Tax leeway and development rights are given to the government according to the carbon-based credits. Companies buy and sell credits for-profit and takeovers. This new kind of economic system described is truly breathtaking. The downside is that neither have they gone into the intricate explanations and details nor have they broadened it deeper. The system mentioned has way too much potential and might as well be one of the future ones.  

The anime also includes fantasy elements such as Japanese voodoo arts and magic. The mysteries are quite intriguing. 

Though the storytelling feels rushed and difficult to comprehend and potential seems wasted, overall it’s a good anime. 

I recommend watching this series if you’d like to have a few new insights and a unique theme!


My review on Genjitsushugisha no Oukokusaikenki!
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom.

This manga is another one of the isekai (another world) manga’s. The basic concept of this is that a person travels from this world to another world by reincarnation or other processes and starts living there with all his/her memory intact. The other world is usually the Harry Potter kind, full of fantasy and magic with some kind of villains. All the characters get some kind of overpowered powers, magic, or weapons and start their journey there and easily overcome everything against all odds. This is the trend that is being followed.  

Main review: This manga according to its name follows the story of a person from this world being reincarnated in another fantasy world but this guy wasn’t given any of the above-mentioned overpowered tools. He just entered the new world with his prior knowledge of the earth. He was an economics major well-read in history as well as geography. This is the best part about the story where the MC using this knowledge, brings progress to the kingdom. Using all the tactics he’s learned and using his own creativity, he becomes the king and helps the kingdom flourish. The manga is indeed great and highly intellectual. I highly recommend reading it if you have already gotten bored with the OP novels and manga. The tactics and strategies used are amazing.