It’s been the longest time since I put up a DIY on this space, and what a better time than this auspicious occasion!🔆🔆I would like to tag the reference🐮from where I got this idea and the flow of making. Catch all the requirements, tips and the procedure as given on the tag above. This one took immense patience of over several weekends to make.🥳🥳I have put my version of the craft right here for a better inference of this impeccable idea! Happy Diwali folks! 🎆🎇✨

REQUIREMENTS: Balloons, Glue, Water, Thick Thread/Wire, Magazine/Newspaper (cut in triangular bits), Tissue paper, Scissors, Marker/Pen, Thick cardboard paper, Adhesive Compound (M-seal), Acrylic paints set.



  • Blow up 2 balloons: one large, one small (for the face and mouth respectively) and tie a thick thread around it’s longitudinal circumference so that it stays in shape.
  • Cut out several paper triangles from an old magazine which will form the main layers over the balloon.
  • Paste these paper triangles onto the balloon (follow the reference carefully here) with the help of equal ratio of glue+water. (this one took 6 layers of paper-mache and a full day post that to completely dry)


Prick the balloon and separate the paper-mache structure from the deflated balloon and make sure it still stays in shape.


Fix the larger paper-mache structure with the smaller one as shown below with glue, use some additional support at the back to give it the desired shape if needed.

Apply 2 layers of tissue paper over this whole paper-mache structure such that the heterogenous multicoloured texture of the paper-mache is removed for a plainer surface. (Leave this for an additional half day to a complete day to dry)


Using thicker cardboard paper build the horns and the ears of the cow and attach it to the main paper head. Also cover this up with equal layers of tissue paper with glue+water mixture.

Create the epoxy compound adhesive (m-seal) from the components and accentuate the face and mouth of the cowhead with additional accessories as desired.


Keep your creative juices flowing at a much faster speed at this step and choose a design and colour criteria to paint the cowhead with an array of acrylic colours.