Thank you so much Riddhi for this rare nomination. I simply love your work so much, truly inspiring! A little late for this I might be, but taking in good things and trying to give it justice does take quite some time that it deserves! So here is my fair attempt at the Never Have I Ever quiz I really look forward to answer!

Never Have I Ever Book Tag

The Rules:

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  • Answer all prompts.
  • Add one more prompt of your own.
  • Tag at least 5 people.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Have fun!

Let’s get started!!

Never Have I Ever…read a later book in a series before reading the first book! No, no ways! Never done that, not so rebellious I am!

Never Have I Ever…burned a book Burn those creatures, who even ponders upon such ghastly thoughts!

Never Have I Ever…read a book I knew I would hate It’s hard to predict my likes of a book even before I pick it up, that would be grave injustice to the writer.. but yes, if I don’t prefer to read a book, I would most likely want to pick another book that would really interest me relatively.

Never Have I Ever…wrote a fanfiction about my favourite books No never! I like writing reviews, not at a God level stage of creating fanfiction!

Never Have I Ever…loved a book when I was young, yet hated it when I got older Chronicles of Narnia?! I don’t know if I can relate to it now, but I did quite like that when I was much younger.

Never Have I Ever…hated a book by an author I love I wouldn’t say Never, and hate is an extreme word! But I can’t explicitly remember a favourite author’s work that I exclusively despised.

Never Have I Ever…read the ending of a book before reading the beginning I have, way too many times! Just as many times I read Goosebumps (the multiple endings versions) by R.L. Stine. So many about 200 times!! 😉

Never Have I Ever…read a book without the dust cover I have read some classics (Shakespeare, Charles Dickens) with the dust cover, those which already have them 😉 (Because I am too lazy to go old school, but maybe I need to)

Never Have I Ever…skim read nearly half a book Oh, yes! Too many times, unfortunately.. I am a not a very dedicated bibliophile and I have a list I don’t want to reveal.. but as always, there is room for improvement! 🙂

Never Have I Ever….pretended to have read a book that I haven’t No never! This is a cardinal sin!

Never Have I Ever….saw the movie before the book Always read the books and skipped most movies, Always😂.. so Never! (The Harry Potter God series fits here!)

My additional prompt: Never Have I Ever…. had a book boyfriend Omg no! Too many.. From the series of A Song of Ice and Fire can I name atleast 20 book boyfriends 😂😍

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