“A strong woman is not made to be tame. Behind ever successful one is a tribe of others who have her back. Find your tribe and love them back! πŸ™‚ “


REQUIREMENTS: Cardboard box, Newspaper, Scissors, Glue, Acrylic/Poster paints, Masoor dal (or any beads)


Step 1: Draw the face of a tribal lady on the cardboard box. Make small triangular pieces from the newspaper, Keep aside. Make a solution of glue and water in ratio of 1:1 and place it in an open tray. Dip the pieces of paper in the glue solution and stick neatly within the boundary of the drawing. Make 2 layers of this and after it is half dry, apply a layer of tissue paper over it. For turban: Choose thicker paper of the newspaper, cut it into strips of 6-8 inches in length and 1.5 inches width, dip it in glue solution and fix it in the area over the face to make it look like the layers of the turban. For base of the earrings: Cut strips of papers and wind it into a circular shape and fix it on both sides of the face. For neck jewelry: Make similar strips of papers and wind it into circular disks and glue it up. Paint the lady black.


Step 2: Mark the lady’s eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, earrings, neck jewelry which need to be highlighted in gold. Glue toor dal in any pattern of your choice (for example as a neck band and over the earrings) to give a embossed effect to the jewelry. Paint some patterns over the turban in gold. Paint all marked areas in gold.


Step 3: For more intricate designs stick masoor dal along lower necklines and earrings. For more highlights, use off-white colour: to make intricate patterns in the earrings, neck jewelry and under eye and eyeball. Paint eyelids, nostrils, lips and on the chin in light gray.