“If you were born with wings, why do you prefer to crawl in life? Spread your wings, learn how to fly.. do what it takes to touch the sky!”


REQUIREMENTS: Cardboard, Newspaper, Pencil/marker, Scissors, Glue, Acrylic/Poster paints, Woolen thread, Beads.



Step 1: Sketch a bird on the cardboard with a design of your choice. Also repeat for a number of units again as per choice.


Step 2: Make some random shapes in line with the bird designs and cut into the cardboard to get the desired pieces.


Step 3: Paint the birds with different colour combinations in accordance to how it looks aesthetic and make the intricate designs as shown below or as desired!


Step 4: Punch holes into each of the units with a planned approach of how to connect it in line for a complete unit, connect them by tying a thread inbetween and attach some beads to it for a more decorative look!