Born A Crime by Trevor Noah is an autobiography book of South African childhood stories which has elements of funny bones and sad reality in life to accept. Through this book, Trevor Noah discovers his self journey through life.. his unlikely path that he has to tread on; one that was meant to be for him where he had no choice! The reasoning of the creation of the book bearing all the happenings in his life and that of those around him in his homeland is solely due to one criminal act: his birth! I would highly recommend any avid book reader to take this amazing book home and give it a good read! This heartwarming book can make you laugh, cry, sometimes make you feel thankful about what you have and also in some ways make you hold your breath. Without giving away too much, in place of a wholesome review this time, I would rather state some great lines from the book which I think in my personal view was not penned by an author/writer but an artist. These are the lines that will stay with me after I have finished inhaling this book for many many years to come:


1. I realize that I am a person who would rather be held back with people I liked than move ahead with people I didn’t know. I may get along with some people, with whom I feel I didn’t belong; maybe I was never a part of their tribe. With some others, I wasn’t constantly trying to be. I just was.

2. We tell people to follow their dreams, but you can only dream of what you can imagine, and, depending on where you come from, your imagination might be quite limited. Growing up, our dream was to put another room in our house, maybe another and a cast-iron gate in the front. Because that is all we knew. But the highest rung of what’s possible is far beyond what the world can see. Sometimes, you need to see the possibilities yourself that no one can show you and that can happen with sheer force of will.

3. Since I belonged to no group, I learned to move seamlessly between groups. I floated. I was a chameleon, still, a cultural chameleon. I learned how to blend. I could play sports with the jocks, talk computers with the nerds, jump in the circle and dance with the township kids. I popped around to everyone, working, chatting, telling jokes, making deliveries. I was like a weed dealer, but of food. The weed guy is always welcome at the party. He’s not a part of the circle, but he’s invited to the circle because of what he can offer. As an outsider, you can retreat into a shell, be anonymous, be invisible. Or you can go the other way and protect yourself.

4. People love to say, “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for the day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” What they don’t say is, “And it would be nice if you have him a fishing rod.” That’s the part of the analogy that’s missing. Talent alone would have gotten me nowhere without the world coming to you and saying, “Okay, here’s what you need, and here’s how it works.” Talent and hard work is also what you need and you can’t stand a chance without it.


Have you read this book yet? If not, go and do yourself a favor and give this a shot! Nothing less than a treat to read. If yes, what were your favourite lines from this book? Feel free to express in the comments.