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Playing with Arduino- Experiment 2

Hey guys! This is another simple experiment to control a Neo LED blinking strip to blink in different colours with an appropriate delay. The simulation is carried on TinkerCAD, an online simulator where you can carry out experiments without the... Continue Reading →

Playing with Arduino-Getting started (Blinky example)

The entire base of what Arduino is and how it works starts and ends right here --> Check it out before going ahead, also all software downloads and steps are available within the same space! The most basic version... Continue Reading →

Digital Image Processing: Implementing High Pass Filter using Python-OpenCV

About Digital Image Processing In the field of computer science, digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms to perform image processing to manipulate digital images. The most conventional way of changing the features or characteristics of an image... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry 2: DJS Robocon at ABU ROBOCON 2018

DJS Robocon after a successful participation at the national level ABU Robocon 2018 representing DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering set up a benchmark with an exceptional performance. The team satisfactorily completed all the fundamental challenges in the rounds of the matches... Continue Reading →

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