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Book review 15: The Takeover by Stephen Frey

A hotshot investment banker is at the onset of performing the largest takeover (a type of transaction where a bidder company acquires a target/smaller company with or without mutual consent) the world has ever seen whilst finding himself in a... Continue Reading →

Book review 13: Death Note- Special One-Shot

After presenting a couple of reviews on the light novels of Death Note, I am back with a manga comic which is a sequel to the anime and it takes place several years ahead of time. Finally in this installment,... Continue Reading →

Book review 12: Death Note: L-Change the World

I took a plunge into this book after having quite an adventure from the prequel reviewed in Book review 10: Death Note- The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases  and I didn't know that I had signed up for such a sweet... Continue Reading →

Book review 10: Death Note- The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases

There are certain fandoms on my list that I just always wanted to write a review on, celebrate it and spread it across the masses without any individual beneficial purpose.. just for the love of diligent and respectable work ..... Continue Reading →

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