The Immortals of Meluha is a Hindu myth-fiction based in the period of gods.

Where people had faith in the legends which let them live their lives in hope that someday their savior will come and free them from the evil.

The novel is the first installment of the Shiva trilogy, which is about the life of a man whom destiny gave the title of god of gods, all because of people’s belief in a legend. The legend of Mahadev.

In the novel the author very beautifully depicts that all one needs is faith in oneself, which is far more important and meaningful than others having faith in you. Without believing that you can do it you will never be able to achieve it.

The story is about a Tibetan man named Shiva who is the chief of his tribe and like any other leader he wants to protect his people and do whatever is best for their interest.

The first chapter narrates a constant state of turbulence for Shiva and his tribe.They have to keep fighting the neighboring tribe for survival. Tired of this, Shiva accepts an offer to move over to a faraway land with his tribe to live a peaceful life in Meluha. A land leading a perfect way of life by it’s own set of rules having everything in order. But due to turn of events and a prophecy believed by almost all, Shiva has a much bigger task at his hand than just protecting the tribe. He has to become the legend that everyone around him believes he is and bring salvation to all by destroying evil.

The evil as per the people of Meluha are the Chandravanshis, civilians of their neighboring country. The Suryavanshis (Meluhans) believe that after destroying the way of life of the Chandravanshis, evil will be completely wiped off from the world.

Shiva is not ready to accept such a huge responsibility all in a day. How can he be a Mahadev when he himself did not believe in the legend? With a little help from the temple priests who keep appearing at the right time whenever Shiva is lost and in need to find some answers. Shiva is able to take tiny steps in believing in himself and taking over the responsibility not for himself but for the people of Meluha and Sati the Meluhan princess with whom Shiva is in love.

Over all this novel has everything that a book lover would love. It has action, romance and myth. A perfect novel for a rainy day in πŸ˜‰