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Book review 17: Trevor Noah – Born a Crime

Born A Crime by Trevor Noah is an autobiography book of South African childhood stories which has elements of funny bones and sad reality in life to accept. Through this book, Trevor Noah discovers his self journey through life.. his... Continue Reading →

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Book review 16: I am David by Anne Holm

I would like to thank my grandfather Mr. Umesh Kamath for giving me this book from an evergreen never-ending golden collection of classic rich literature that he has possessed for several years. What is so amazing is that he has... Continue Reading →

Two Manhwa (Korean Manga) reviews for the Otaku’s soul!

This is the 3rd collaboration with my pal Rushabh Shah who has originally constructed these reviews purely from his point of view and I merely played the role of making necessary compilations and several edits before bringing this forward! Thanks... Continue Reading →

Book review 15: The Takeover by Stephen Frey

A hotshot investment banker is at the onset of performing the largest takeover (a type of transaction where a bidder company acquires a target/smaller company with or without mutual consent) the world has ever seen whilst finding himself in a... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry 11, Segment 2: The journey of #myplantstory 🌱

Continued from segment 1 of the entry where we, the plant lovers reminisce the memories we have associated with plants, where the leafy greens are more than just storehouse of environment friendliness.

Journal Entry 11: The journey of #myplantstory 🌱

Where there is a home, there is great potential for including a plush garden with lots of saplings, plants and trees.. what matters more than the dimensions of where the garden is set is: lots of love, care, maintenance and quality research of the life of the plants sown. Here is the story on 3 different entries of plants/trees that has given us wonderful lifelong memories and has given the realization that giving great inputs and enjoying the journey in the process will bear juicy fruits (literally and metaphorically) in the end!

DIY Art Installation

Making the Best out of Waste: Art Installation! 🎨

DIY Tree and a Bird 🐦🌳

"Be a bird on a trail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still, she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings!"

Blogger Recognition Award

I thank Sakshi Tiwari from The Little Dreamland for nominating me for a blogger recognition. If you land on Sakshi's page, you'll be flanked by a lot of great philosophy and motivating posts that reflect great positivity. She and her... Continue Reading →

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