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Playing with Arduino- Experiment 2

Hey guys! This is another simple experiment to control a Neo LED blinking strip to blink in different colours with an appropriate delay. The simulation is carried on TinkerCAD, an online simulator where you can carry out experiments without the... Continue Reading →


Playing with Arduino-Getting started (Blinky example)

The entire base of what Arduino is and how it works starts and ends right here --> Check it out before going ahead, also all software downloads and steps are available within the same space! The most basic version... Continue Reading →

Q&A collaboration with @autumngirl

Hey guys! This is a little mutual effort in form of a collaboration to know more about the blogger community and to spread cheer! These are a bunch of questions asked by the autumngirl@survivalguideforyourlife and my answers penned out to... Continue Reading →

Anime review: Kaiji

After a very long time, this is my first collaboration: written so beautifully and with very intricate details (along with his personal experience) by my really good friend Rushabh Shah (and compiled by me!) Thank you Rushabh Shah for letting... Continue Reading →

200+ followers on WordPress followed by Q&A!

It's been 2 and 1/2 years since the inception of our blog and this is a milestone for us! Never could we imagine to capture the attention and support of so many people through our work! Thank you so much... Continue Reading →

Book Review 7 : The Immortals of Meluha

The story of the man whom legend turned into a God. Perfect for a rainy day in.

The Anime shows that caught me!

Here I am spilling the beans on all details of why I put myself as an Otaku right on the face of my bio! So here's a small list of shows I binged watched lately in a very particular order.... Continue Reading →

Book review 6: The Ghat of the Only World by Amitav Ghosh

A dying man, an expatriate from Kashmir, asks the author to write something about him after he is gone. The following piece is what Amitav Ghosh wrote to keep his promise.

Book review 5: The Enemy

THE ENEMY by Pearl S. Buck (Catch the full story here: The_Enemy¬†) This story traces right back to the time of World War and focuses¬†on Dr. Sadao Hoki, a renowned surgeon in Japan and how one incident changes him and... Continue Reading →

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