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Digital Image Processing: Implementing High Pass Filter using Python-OpenCV

About Digital Image Processing In the field of computer science, digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms to perform image processing to manipulate digital images. The most conventional way of changing the features or characteristics of an image... Continue Reading →


Quick and simple way to prepare Goan Xacutti Masala (garam masala) under 10 mins

Ingredients : Bay leaf/ तेज पत्ता (2) break it Cardamom / छोटी इलायची (4) Cumin / जीरा (1tsp) Cumin black / शाहजीरा (1tsp) Coriander seeds / साबुत धनिया (2 tsp) Mace / जावित्री (1) Cloves / लोंग (1tsp) Black pepper... Continue Reading →

Being a vegetarian at secondary school

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Being a VEGETARIAN at secondary school.png

Out of personal interest, I don’t think there is practically another vegetarian apart from my twin brother in my secondary school (or high school for all you American folk.) There is also a common misconception about what being a vegetarian is. One person said, “Google says being a vegetarian is that you do not eat anything living so you would be dead.” Everyone eats things living, plants are living as well as animals. I don’t think people should care about other people’s dietary requirements. Why should I care if you eat meat and you care that I don’t? It’s not something that defines me as a person, it’s a way of living.

People may say I am not a proper vegetarian as sometimes I eat fish but it’s not like people eating meat like chicken or cow every single day. You may if you want to call it in a…

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Journal entry 4: Enroute Lonavala-Khandala hill station

Last weekend I made a short visit to Lonavala hill station with my familia, a leisure trip far away from our busy lives. The peak time for visiting this place is around August-September, when it's cool and you can just... Continue Reading →

Dandiya pencils

This is part of a series of 21 gifts . REQUIREMENTS: 1) Pair of pencils 2) paint / nail paint (bright color) 3) quilling paper of contrasting colour 4) sequence , mirrors 5) glue 6) glitter PROCEDURE: Step 1 :... Continue Reading →

Recensione “After Dark”

Space writer

Titolo: After Dark

Autore: Murakami

Voto: 8/10

Citazione preferita: “A questo mondo, ci sono cose che si possono fare soltanto da soli e cose che si possono fare soltanto in due. L’importante è riuscire a coordinarle bene.”

Tutto ruota attorno agli avvenimenti di persone apparentemente lontane ed estranee tra di loro: un giovane jazzista, un esperto informatico, una prostituta picchiata da un cliente, la manager di un love hotel, una ventenne che vegeta in uno stato semicomatoso e sua sorella, una ragazza inquieta che legge in un locale per scappare dalla sua famiglia.

Lo stile di Murakami rende le ambientazioni così realistiche ma allo stesso tempo surreali. Sembra ti stare davvero nella città a vedere questo “gigantesco animale”, “un confuso agglomerato, coperto da tanti organi avvinghiati l’uno all’altro”. Questa “infinità di arterie” è così chiara ai miei occhi che posso percepirne i colori, il via vai, i ricordi e le…

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Journal entry 3: Pawana Lake camping

Hey guys! If you are in Mumbai or anywhere near Mumbai, you know the weather during this time of the year is the best. The cool breeze, rains, smell of wet soil when it rains... 🙂 🙂 A perfect atmosphere... Continue Reading →

The Versatile Blogger Award

Greetings Folks!  I would like to thank Zankhana Goyal for nominating me for this award. Do check out her blog, she has proven her versatility with her vivid styles of persuasive and narrative writing, all at just sweet 16!   Giving justice to... Continue Reading →

Book review 4: The Last Leaf

It is autumn. The wind is blowing hard and it is raining heavily. All the leaves of the ivy creeper have fallen, but one! Why doesn't the last leaf fall?

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