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The Versatile Blogger Award

Greetings Folks!  I would like to thank Zankhana Goyal for nominating me for this award. Do check out her blog, she has proven her versatility with her vivid styles of persuasive and narrative writing, all at just sweet 16!   Giving justice to... Continue Reading →


Book review 4: The Last Leaf

It is autumn. The wind is blowing hard and it is raining heavily. All the leaves of the ivy creeper have fallen, but one! Why doesn't the last leaf fall?

Journal Entry 2: DJS Robocon at ABU ROBOCON 2018

DJS Robocon after a successful participation at the national level ABU Robocon 2018 representing DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering set up a benchmark with an exceptional performance. The team satisfactorily completed all the fundamental challenges in the rounds of the matches... Continue Reading →



A day called black. Indeed, a strange and low esteemed elucidation. I do remember my mom, the day she aroused towards me from being radical. I didn’t feel much annoyed that day. Many people complain me about for being void or isolated. They do tell my imaginations are boundless. It doesn’t have an end and those are inevitable.

I love mountains and sky. I’ll always look up at the stars and stair them for minutes or maybe it happens for an hour. I think a lot and progress them fundamentally. It was during summer 2012, I’d gone through a book which made me complete nerd and geek. “The theory of everything” a masterpiece and a series of lectures. I didn’t understand in the first place. Later as a grown up, the reality made me to feel the essence of complexity in diversities of being virtual.

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet.

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Book review 3: The Secret Keeper

By Devashree Gharkar The secret keeper is a story set in 1970’s, India. Story of young Asha as narrated by author Mitali Perkins, who refuses to live by the old orthodox way of life, it shows that how even in... Continue Reading →

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Journal Entry 1: Kala Ghoda Arts Festival


Book review 2: The Book That Saved The Earth 👽🌎📑

🌝🌠🔆By Jyotsna Shenoy

Earring Stand

🌀✨By Devashree Gharkar

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