So artsy, it drives you crazy.


"Dragonglass has a gleam of its own, but dare not leave Long Claw behind! Jon Snow's weapon of choice, the Valyrian beauty matches it's strength with the 'frozen fire' with equal ferocity and lustre to bring down the presumably pretty badass bunch of White Walkers."


Diy gifts for your thronie friend.

The long nights are coming and the dead come with it, different roads sometimes lead to the same castle. So brace yourselves, cos winter has come!

Heart Shaped Bookmarks

It's a cloudy day with bouts of rain and little hope for sunshine, do you find yourself confined in the great indoors? In that case grab a book that has a heart and a sinful cup of coffee to begin with. A couple of bookmarks wouldn't hurt to complement along if you cannot finish that fat book in one sitting!

Flower ball hanging

Adding a summer twist to your room is an easy diy room decoration idea which adds just the right amount of colorfulness to your room

Easter egg basket out of newspaper.

If you see a rabbit laying little brown eggs, Don't eat them, Its not chocolate!

DIY Paper Vase 2

Just another great version of a vase using only paper material!

DIY: purse/ pouch

┬áBy: Devashree Gharkar You can carry your spectacles or your makeup or use it as a gift box. Requirements: Cylindrical can Elastic Cutter Cardboard Buttons 2 sheets of Paper(different colours) Fevicol Decorations (lace, beads, etc..) INSTRUCTIONS: Cut the cylindrical box... Continue Reading →

DIY Paper Beads

By Jyotsna Shenoy MATERIALS REQUIRED: Chart or calendar paper Scissors Ruler Glue Pen/Marker Thread/String PROCEDURE: STEP 1: Measure strips of the paper of any dimensions depending on the length and thickness of beads required. STEP 2: Draw a diagonal line... Continue Reading →


Diy gift ideas using simple everyday supplies found around you.

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